Let Judas Go !

Scripture: You have also made my enemies turn their backs to me, that I might cut off those who hate me. -Psalms 18:40 WEB

Life Application: ~*When you find yourself alone in the wilderness, please understand that this may be the safest place to be. It’s easier to hear from The Father when it’s just you. Remember, not everyone is prepared or equipped to walk with you to destiny. Most will run because they weren’t really in it for the Kingdom to begin with & others may leave because they’re simply afraid. But those who remain by praying for you, praying with you & carrying your shield into battle are family not enemies. Keep them close to your heart. This is the type of lesson that many of us (mainly those with a spirit and gift of compassion) have had to learn the hard way because we typically trust EVERYONE when in fact everyone should be earning our trust. It’s not easy determining who to let in and who to cast out. You never want to believe that your circle may contain a Judas, but truth is, one exists in everyone’s life. Our ONLY duty is to pray for them and let them go. Bless your enemies.*~

Prayer: Father, please bless us to be so true to YOU and the faith that our enemies in turn become our disciples. May we be living, breathing witnesses to YOUR word. Don’t just use us Father but purify us that we may be all the more like you. May YOUR word forever rest in our hearts. In the matchless name of Yeshua The Christ, amen.

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Silence Is Golden

​Scripture: “So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever”.-2 Corinthians 4:18 NLT

Life Application: There are times when The Father simply wants us to remain silent and listen. In this season, I desire to be humbled unto Him and listen to that still small voice. When all you have is hope and a prayer you will do just that-hope and pray.
Prayer: Most gracious and Heavenly Father Yah, You are God alone and there is none like You or above You. You are worthy of all praise! LORD I ask that my faith never fails, that my obedience is consistent , that my heart is clean, that my spirit is right and that my love for You and all of Your people is true. I need to hear Your voice clearly. And I believe You are my source of hope. I love You, honor You and thank You for what’s already done. In the matchless name of Yeshua our Messiah known as Jesus Christ, amen.

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Love And Faith

Scripture: There is no fear in love; instead, perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. So the one who fears has not reached perfection in love.-1 John 4 HCSB

Life Application: ~*The Father created us to please Him in faith. We must remember that a spirit of timidity when considering love keeps us from growing and moving forward in faith. For every 1 person that’s afraid of moving forward in love, The Father has created more that are ready to move forward in a level of faith that is FAR beyond measure. Pray, believe and teach others to do the same. Remember, love is endless! When anything is endless that means it never stops! Knowing that endless love exists should not only motivate us to seek it out,  but create a desire in us to receive it freely. The MOST important point of the existence of love is that which our Father created, that which He gives and that which He is! Let us extend perfect love and cast out all trace elements of fear. He’s worthy!*~

Prayer: Yahweh YOU oh LORD ARE WORTHY of more than our love. You’re worthy of our ALL! May we seek to love YOU more and love YOU better! And Father,  please lead, guide and direct us to be living examples and witnesses to YOUR love for those who are following. In the matchless name of Yeshua, known as Jesus Christ, amen! 

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His Presence Is Needed

Scripture: How will anyone know that you look favorably on me—on me and on your people—if you don’t go with us? For your presence among us sets your people and me apart from all other people on the earth.”

-Exodus 33:16 NLT

Life Application: ~*Let us remember,  that without The Creator’s presence and the guidance of His Holy Spirit, we ARE lost! May we continue to give our Father honor where honor is due and may our actions compel others to do the same. Let us forever remain in His presence. It’s important that the atmosphere in which we are in is indicative of kingdom business.  If it is not and we are not careful, then our spirits and any other spirits we bring with us can be subject to the Lord of that land (hence the term landlord. Whoever rules is who you’re subject to).*~

Prayer: Most gracious and Heavenly Father, being in YOUR presence is nothing less than amazing. We need YOU, YOUR guidance and YOUR protection Father. YOU are so worthy of every ounce of glory and honor we send up to YOU and we thank You that although we are not worthy to enter into YOUR presence, YOU somehow find us worthy and for this may we forever remain humble and grateful. May the lives we as YOUR people lead, compel others to follow and do the same. In the matchless name of Yeshua, known as Jesus Christ I pray, AMEN!

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Love & Intercession

Scripture: Moses begged Yahweh his God, and said, “Yahweh, why does your wrath burn hot against your people, that you have brought out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand?-Exodus 32:11

Life Application: ~*Moses had a heart for Yahweh’s people.  Rather than see them destroyed,  he decided to intercede and petition The Father in hopes that the Israelite brethren would be spared. May we as believers in this current day and age also have a heart to see the people of the kingdom spared rather than rejoice in their demise. May we grow in faith,  hope, prayer and love. We MUST have faith to please The Father. We need to have hope for a better future. WE MUST NOT CEASE IN PRAYER because this is how we labor with The Father and how we connect with Him. Last,but most certainly not least, we show that we belong to our Father by showing love to one another (Holman Christian Standard Bible, John.13.32). In our faith, hope, prayer and love may others be drawn to the kingdom.*~

Most gracious and Heavenly Father, You are holy and just. We ask that You oh Lord bless us with the heart and desire for intercession and a prayer life coupled with faith to move mountains. We believe You, we worship You and magnify Your name. Please Father,  spare Your people. In the matchless name of Yeshua the Christ amen. 
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