Scripture: and a letter to Asaph the keeper of the king’s forest, that he may give me timber to make beams for the gates of the citadel by the temple, for the wall of the city, and for the house that I will occupy.” The king granted my requests, because of the good hand of my God on me.
Nehemiah 2:8 WEB

Life Application: Nehemiah sought out The Father for his heart’s desire. He knew that without the favor of Yah on his life, he could not move forward. He sought, asked and received. We serve the same God. Let us follow Nehemiah’s example. ALWAYS ask with the right heart . When our desires line up with The Father’s heart, then we in turn not only receive the favor of Yah but we are able to teach others the same. 

Prayer: Most gracious and Heavenly Father Yah, THANK YOU in advance for a heart of humility. May we forever seek Your face before we seek Your hand. And may we find You every time. Please bless me with a servant’s heart, that I may please YOU as I serve. May it be that You receive the glory in ALL that I do. In the matchless name of Yeshua our soon coming King, amen. 


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