Punks Are Arrogant! Soldiers For The Kingdom Are Warriors!

​Scripture: Likewise, you younger ones, be subject to the elder. Yes, all of you clothe yourselves with humility, to subject yourselves to one another; for “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.-1 Peter 5:5

Life Application: ~*Humility is an action you decide to take. IF pleasing our Heavenly Father is TRULY or hearts desire then we WILL yield to His Spirit. It takes a humbled soul to yield. It has ALWAYS been “Easier to convert a sinner than humble a saint” (M.C.). Let us humble ourselves and show Him that we love Him through our obedience.*~

Prayer: Father, YOU alone are worthy! Please forgive us for ANYTHING we’ve thought, felt or have done to grieve YOU in YOUR Spirit. We CANNOT and WILL NOT make it without YOU in this lifetime. Please humble us under YOUR hand, that we may be lifted up in due time-in YOUR love and wisdom. In the MATCHLESS name of YESHUA THE CHRIST, amen.

#BibleStudy #ShabbatShalom #MinistryBeyondTheFourWalls #MakeDisciples



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